PA46 & PA4T & PA410

PA46 - Sustaining high performance
Stanyl is a high-performance polyamide 46 used for applications in automotive, E&E, gears and outdoor power equipment. It provides unmatched performance and value for demanding applications in which superior heat resistance, design stiffness, wear & friction, and process flow qualities are required.

As Stanyl retains its mechanical properties at high temperatures of up to 220°C, itis ideal for extremely high-performance applications, where it outperforms PPA, PA6T, PA9T, and often PPS and LCP.

Choosing Stanyl for your application means you can unlock exceptional product development through:

Metal replacement:
Stanyl combines high stiffness with excellent wear resistance in temperatures above 200°C (and for short term peak temperatures up to 250°C) enabling metal replacement options for a variety of applications.

Outstanding durability:
Stanyl provides excellent resistance to wear and low friction and has good abrasion resistance for moving parts.

Easier processing:
Thanks to its outstanding flow properties which are better than those of competitor materials, Stanyl delivers commercial benefits through reduced cycle time and increased design freedom for manufacturers producing computer and phone components.


PA4T - ForTii® Ace: The change in metal replacement
ForTii (4T) is a breakthrough high temperature polyamide with halogen-free flame retardant grades for demanding applications in the electronics, lighting, automotive, white goods, industrial and aerospace industries.

If you are looking for new development potential in automotive applications ForTii® Ace is the first choice for excellent performance, emission reductions and economically efficient procurement. Think beyond metal and its traditional alternatives and create the incredible with ForTii® Ace. 

The most important benefits:

  • Excellent chemical resistance in extreme conditions (humidity, salt, oils, acids etc.)
  • Excellent NVH properties.
  • Simple and robust shaping and processing.
  • PPA with a high aromatic content of > 50 % weight.
  • Extreme stiffness and strength up to 150 °C.
  • Peak temperature resistance up to 320 °C.
  • Glass transition temperature: 160 °C.

The result:
The potential to create a completely new generation of thermoplastic applications – from transmission components, structural sumps, engine covers to engine mounting and heat management systems which meet the extreme requirements of drivers and automotive manufacturers


PA410 – EcoPaXX: The green performer
EcoPaXX is a bio-based, high-performance polyamide (PA410) that offers outstanding performance across the board while primarily being made from tropical castor beans which don’t compete with the food chain.

EcoPaXX belongs to the family of long-chain polyamides, which offer exceptional performance in the most demanding of environments. This includes excellent chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, combined with a very high melting point (highest of all bio-plastics) and high crystallization rate (typical for engineering plastics like PA66 and PA46).

Furthermore, it is certified 100% carbon neutral from start to finish as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the production of EcoPaXX is offset by the amount absorbed by plant growth, in particular by the riccinus communis – the tropical castor bean plant that makes up some 70% of EcoPaXX.

DSM Engineering Plastics has a large portfolio of bio-based materials for different applications. Furthermore, listings as KTW and Food Eu are available for most of the grades.


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