21. Nov 2016

From 17.-18. November 2016 TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP participated in the „Plastinvent” – a two-day technical conference dedicated to the plastics industry which took place in Arłamów, Poland. This year’s event was the 10th Plastinvent-Conference and hosted 25 plastics experts speaking to the audience of over 200 guests, presenting topics revolving around Plastinvent’s keynote „Innovation - Invention – Inspiration” which is the driving force of the plastics industry nowadays.

Bilderquelle: TWORZYWA.PL
Bilderquelle: TWORZYWA.PL


As an acknowledged development partner for the plastics industry, TER Plastics was asked to join the elite team of conference partners. „Lightweight design is the main innovation driver” - said Goran Brkljac, Head of Technical Departement at TER Plastics, strenghtening the expert team of Plastinvent speakers. In his presentation, Goran Brkljac focused on latest innovations in engineering plastics, highlighting boundaries moving solutions offered by TER Plastics. His speech led Plastinvent participants through the latest developments in lightweight design, innovative application possibilities and the broad product portfolio with strategic products like TEREZ GT2, TEREZ LFT, ForTii Ace and Stanyl diablo in the lead. TER Plastics presentation received very positive feedback from the audience and considerably contributed to high professional level of the conference.

During the event, a new plastics cluster was announced by Rzeszów Technical University. TER Plastics is looking forward to this expansion of the existing cooperation with the University. 


TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP is active in the markets with sales of engineering plastics, commodities and its own TEREZ compounds. TER Plastics includes the compound subsidiary TEREZ Performance Polymers as well as TER Plastics Polska, TER Hell Plastics Spain, TER Hell Plastic-PE Distribution, TER Hell-IT and TER Engineering Plastic Trading, in Suzhou, China, and numerous established sales offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Founded in 1977, the company, which is part of the Hamburg based TER Group, has pursued an international strategy in the recent past.

TER Plastics has been engaged in long term intensive relationships with its international production and distribution partners, including important producers such Chang Chun Plastics, Chevron Phillips, Clariant, DSM, Evonik, Franplast, Grupa Azoty, Hexion, Lotte, Mitsubishi, Polimarky, Polycasa, Polyplastics, Polytherm, Sabic, Sibur, Sidpec, Solvay, Sumitomo, Teknor Apex, Total, Toray and Versalis.

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