TER Plastics establishes sales subsidiary in poland for the whole CEE region

14. Jul 2015

Just a few months after the creation of its new compounding company TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS in the polish city of Rzeszow, TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP announces the foundation of a new sales subsidiary for the entire CEE region.

Waldemar Purc leitet die neue Vertriebsgesellschaft TER PLASTICS POLSKA für die gesamte CEE-Region.

The new sales subsidiary TER PLASTICS POLSKA is headed by Waldemar Purc.

TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS: das Compound-Unternehmen der TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP in der polnischen Stadt Rzeszow.

TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS: the compounding company of TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP in the polish city of Rzeszow.

The new company by the name of TER PLASTICS POLSKA is incorporated in Rzeszow, Poland, with an additional sales office in Warsaw. Following the strategy of TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP to establish dedicated sales organizations for the markets in DACH, WEU and CEE, the new organization services the entire CEE region with sales representatives and service technicians. TER PLASTICS POLSKA sells the product portfolio of TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP, including the distribution products of highly reputable producers as well as the own brand TEREZ.

By locating the CEE sales office within the region, TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP realizes a closer market contact and a better understanding of the regional specifics of the markets. The new company is headed by Waldemar Purc (Picture), who has held leading positions in the CEE plastics industry during the past 25 years. TER PLASTICS POLSKA manages own sales representatives for up to 12 countries. 

By operating a sales office as well as a compounding plant in Poland, TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP strengthens its position as a major plastics supplier for the fast growing plastics market of the CEE region.


TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP is active in the markets with sales of engineering plastics, commodities and its own TEREZ compounds. TER Plastics includes the compound subsidiary TEREZ Performance Polymers as well as TER Plastics Polska, TER Hell Plastics Spain, TER Hell Plastic-PE Distribution, TER Hell-IT and TER Engineering Plastic Trading, in Suzhou, China, and numerous established sales offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Founded in 1977, the company, which is part of the Hamburg based TER Group, has pursued an international strategy in the recent past.

TER Plastics has been engaged in long term intensive relationships with its international production and distribution partners, including important producers such Chang Chun Plastics, Chevron Phillips, Clariant, DSM, Evonik, Franplast, Grupa Azoty, Hexion, Lotte, Mitsubishi, Polimarky, Polycasa, Polyplastics, Polytherm, Sabic, Sibur, Sidpec, Solvay, Sumitomo, Teknor Apex, Total, Toray and Versalis.

Contact TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP:

Henning Kroemer
Head of Corporate Communication

T +49 (0)2366-5661-113
F +49 (0)2366-5661-137

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