A new Company Building for the Anniversary

10. Jul 2017

Founded in 1977 in Herne, TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP is celebrating their 40th year of existence this year.

40 Years

The company’s long-term view, customer focus and powers of innovation have always been mongst the company’s fundamental values. And so they were able to develop new materials with extraordinary properties with 40 years of intensive research. The reputation of TER Plastics was further strengthened through partnerships for decades with leading international plastic manufacturers, such as DSM, Evonik, Polyplastics, Total and Versalis for example.

TER Plastics enjoys a good reputation as a development partner throughout the entire European market to-day. Thanks to their broad portfolio and a distinct feel for customer requirements and market trends, in recent years the company has enjoyed above-average dynamic market growth. Over the last few days TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP has moved into a large, modern company building which fits well with this successful development and their anniversary year and so are also doing justice to the strong growth of their workforce in recent years. TER Plastics is successfully entering the company’s next decade: respected across Europe by customers and suppliers alike, as a successful development partner, with outstanding key financials, motivated and well-educated employees, and a pan-European distribution structure based around their customers, they provide an optimum regional service and delivery to site.

The next goal is to become number 5 amongst Europe’s plastic distributers! In order to achieve this ambitious goal, time and again TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP must continue to adapt themselves to the constantly changing market conditions, must continue to grow profitably, successfully integrate new acquisitions and extend their product portfolio in a sensible and customer-focussed manner. 


TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP is active in the markets with sales of engineering plastics, commodities and its own TEREZ compounds. TER Plastics includes the compound subsidiary TEREZ Performance Polymers as well as TER Plastics Polska, TER Hell Plastics Spain, TER Hell Plastic-PE Distribution, TER Hell-IT and TER Engineering Plastic Trading, in Suzhou, China, and numerous established sales offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Founded in 1977, the company, which is part of the Hamburg based TER Group, has pursued an international strategy in the recent past.

TER Plastics has been engaged in long term intensive relationships with its international production and distribution partners, including important producers such Chang Chun Plastics, Chevron Phillips, Clariant, DSM, Evonik, Franplast, Grupa Azoty, Hexion, Lotte, Mitsubishi, Polimarky, Polycasa, Polyplastics, Polytherm, Sabic, Sibur, Sidpec, Solvay, Sumitomo, Teknor Apex, Total, Toray and Versalis.

Contact TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP:

Henning Kroemer
Head of Corporate Communication

T +49 (0)2366-5661-113
F +49 (0)2366-5661-137

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