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ISCC Plus certification

25. Apr 2022

ISCC Plus certification for the distribution of certified polymers made from renewable or recycled raw materials

TER Plastics Polymer Group, a distributor operating throughout Europe, has received the ISCC Plus certification for the marketing and distribution of certified polymers made from renewable or recycled raw materials, following a successful audit by certification specialist DQS GmbH. Customers can now purchase sustainable ISCC Plus-certified polymers from Versalis, TotalEnergies and DSM from TER Plastics. This includes the grades in TER Plastics' current portfolio of the PP, PE, PS, PA6, PA4.6, PA4.10 and TPE families of plastics.

Mass-balanced plastics are manufactured from sustainable raw materials in co-production with grades made from fossil raw materials. Therefore they are indistinguishable from conventional plastics in terms of properties and analytics. This results into the disadvantage that the origin from sustainable raw materials cannot be verified by material testing. Here, ISCC Plus certification kicks in. ISCC ensures that the mass balance from the beginning of plastic production to the completion of plastic parts remains continuously monitored by third parties. As a consequence, the material flow can be transparently traced back through the entire complex value chain.

On the other hand, the material equality also comes with an advantage, which is that ISCC Plus - certified plastics meet the same regulatory requirements as their twins made from fossil raw materials. This makes them the first choice when it comes to producing toys, direct food packaging or pharmaceutical products from more sustainable plastics.

Dr. Andreas Haufe, Head of Circular Polyolefins at TER Plastics, comments: "Sustainability is part of TER Group's self-image, as it already has been successfully active in the field of recycling-based materials for many years. Expanding our portfolio to include plastics from renewable sources is part of our strategy to work with our partners to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint."

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