Structural Integrity

Structural components with high surface requirements

The TEREZ GT2 product line offers an excellent basis for meeting aesthetic and functional design requirements. This material stands for high strength and rigidity and is available with a glass fiber content of up to 60 %. Low level of moisture uptake guarantees high dimensional stability. When being processed at mold temperatures of min. 100 °C highest surface qualities can be achieved. The X versions stand for increased stiffness and strength perpendicular to flow.

Hohe Temperatur
Highest standards in metal replacement

The TEREZ GT3 product line is based on a PA66 Blend with a partially aromatic component. In comparison with PA66 there is much less moisture uptake and therefore constant mechanical performance in dry and conditioned state. High stiffness and strength are combined with high dimensional stability and cost effective manufacturing. An excellent product line for metal replacement. The X versions stand for increased stiffness and strength perpendicular to flow.

Long fiber technology

Long fiber “upgraded” reinforced plastics show a perfect fit to increasing demands in creep resistance, fatigue resistance combined with high ductility compared to the short fiber versions:

  • Improved dynamic load
  • Higher ductility
  • Improved creep resistance
  • Reduced distortion

The production of these compounds is a result of highest know-how in textile technology combined with compounding technology. The length of the pellets can be adjusted between 6-14 mm. The long-fiber technology is based on the well approved high-performance materials TEREZ GT2, GT3 TEREZ, TEREZ HT and PA6, PA66 and PPS.

Thermoplastische Elastomere

High Performance Thermosets

Phenolic resins are synthetic polymers formed as condensation products of phenols and aldehydes. Phenolic resins are proven in a broad range of applications and are the industry-standard in areas as diverse as refractories and composite parts for rail interiors. High Performance Thermosets set the standard in

  • Brake pads, shoes, drum linings
  • Oil filters
  • Under-the-hood parts

Versatile engineering thermoplastics

PA6 and PA66 are being used in a wide range of applications as for example injection molded parts for automotive or sports industry and stock shapes or convoluted tubes produced in an extrusion process. The portfolio includes specially modified grades as e. g. hydrolysis modified, flame retardant, flow improved, impact modified, high stiffness and strength, but also tribologically modified.

Our product portfolio for Structural Integrity

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