TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP cooperates with well-known producers of styrene-based plastics. Whether opaque or transparent, mass or emulsion process. Our wide and diverse product range covers all customer requirements.

And if it occurs that we cannot support you any further with Lotte, TORAY or Versalis, then our TEREZ comes into play.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry. From the initial idea to the series production.

TORAY - TOYOLAC: from heat resistant to transparent
Styrene-based plastics such as ABS, ASA or SAN offer a wide variety of utilisation possibilities. TORAY has set itself the goal of making this material even easier to process in the future.

Due to its unique technical and optical properties, transparent ABS (MABS) can be used in many applications, but particularly in the area of consumer goods:


Vacuum cleaners, water containers, household devices and food storing appliances are just a few of the application examples that our customers can produce from TOYOLAC MABS 920-555.

In the meantime, many polycarbonate applications are even being replaced by MABS. TOYOLAC MABS 929-555, which needs to be highlighted as it displays an exceptionally high level of transparency.

The constant improvement in gloss and food approvals demonstrates completely new possibilities.

Heat-resistant TOYOLAC ABS is used - amongst other areas of application - in the automotive industry - naturally without the use of adhesive agents. This allows completely new concepts in the development departments - also thanks to the extremely good economic efficiency of the heat-resistant TOYOLAC types.

LOTTE-STAREX®: Variety and the highest experience in each application area
Starex® is the styrene product brand of LOTTE Advanced Materials, which also includes the product groups ABS and ASA.    

Starex® ABS has an excellent impact resistance, formability and paintability and is regarded as a very practical material in many areas thanks to its wide range of applications.

LOTTE Advanced Materials offers a wide variety of ABS products depending on the required properties such as, extrusion, flame protection, heat resistance and coating / painting.

Lotte Advance Materials

Starex® ASA is the material when it comes to weather resistance. ASA offers an excellent chemical resistance, gloss and processability, as well as the mechanical properties from ABS.

The material is often used for applications in external areas.

In the area of “all-purpose” ABS applications, Starex® products are mainly used for toys, stationery and electrical/electronic devices.

“Extrusion” ABS applications are found, for example, in refrigerator cladding and pipes. Furthermore, there are “Flame Retardant” applications that encompass the area of televisions/monitors and wiring devices and heat-resistant ABS, which are mainly used for the vehicle interiors.

starex Infino

The segments automotive, bicycles, television, illumination and electrics, as well as sanitary can be categorized into “Metal Plating/Painting” ABS applications.

One of the most important branches of industry worldwide is the automobile branch. As an important construction material, plastics have been indispensable materials for a long time now. A focus, both in production and development, is placed on ABS in the automotive area - and in this regard also on “Galvano”. Applications include for example vehicle graphics, interior and exterior frames, as well as radiator grilles. 

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