Polymer Technology Center

The Polymer Technology Center (PTC) is your development partner in compound development and innovative production processes.

The international PTC team is made up of polymer chemistry and process engineering experts who will help you with their expertise in developing high performance materials for your application.

The well-equipped PTC laboratories in Germany and Poland used state-of-the-art test procedures to conduct both short and long term tests for compound development and material comparison.

Various tools are used on modern injection molding machines, which allow the production of a large number of specialized test specimens or customer samples. 

In the PTC's color laboratory, formulations for customer-specific colors are also set for high-temperature materials. The color lab is also open to customers' designers to dramatically shorten development cycles by working directly with PTC's developers.

The compounding machines represent the latest technology standard in the twin-screw extrusion of high-temperature polymers. The process technology of the compounding machines can be flexibly configured and thus enables the optimum structure for maximum product properties for each recipe.

In order to respond promptly and quickly to future trends, the PTC specialists worked closely with selected renowned universities and testing organizations.

Polymer Technology Center
Polymer Technology Center
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