Liquid Crystalline Polyester

SUMIKASUPER LCP is a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer which possesses the highest heat resistance among all high-performance engineering plastics. The name LCP refers to its physical properties, liquid crystalline state in a molten phase, and not to its chemical composition as it is common for other performance plastics such as “PBT” etc.

The basic chemical composition of SUMIKASUPER LCP:


Metallersatz mit LCP

Metal Replacement with LCP

Sumitomo Chemical develops different types of LCP. The standard E series (E5000 – E4000 – E6000 – E6000HF) and functional S series. The S series has specific performancequalities such as ultra-thin-wall fluidity.

SUMIKASUPER LCP exhibits better thin-wall fluidity and moldability then any other engineering plastics thanks to their extraordinary low melt-viscosity. Due to their superiority in high heat solder resistance, hightemperature strength, dimensional stability, easy melt processing, outstanding electrical properties, good chemical resistance, low flammability and low water absorption, SUMIKASUPER LCP grades are well suited for use in automotive, electrical/electronic, telecommunications and aerospace industries.

With SUMIKASUPER LCP Sumitomo Chemical has achieved successful replacements of metal parts for the automotive market, which results in less fuel consumption due to weight reduction. Production of the cooling pipe for motors with SUMIKASUPER LCP reduces the processing costs and results in a weight reduction of 90%.

Metallersatz mit LCP

Metal replacement for engine valve pistons with our adopted SUMIPLOY S series, functional PES compound, results in an improvement of engine response besides reduction of processing costs and weight reduction.

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