The TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP cooperates with well-known producers of thermoplastic polymers. In addition to LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS and the Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation, we will be glad to support you with our TEREZ PC-Compounds of TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS.

PC-Polycarbonate is characterized by a high strength, impact resistance, stability and hardness and is a good power insulator.

Thanks to our extensive product range, we can complete various applications and meet our customers’ demands.

LOTTE: The INFINO® series offers a wide range of products

INFINO® is the leading technical plastic brand produced by LOTTE Advanced Materials, which presents polycarbonate with excellent thermal stability and processability.

Furthermore, LOTTE Advanced Materials does not just consist of pure PC, but also PC alloys, high-performance EP and PC blends and creates countless possibilities depending on the required characteristics such as extrusion, flame retardation, heat resistance etc.

INFINO® PC are used due to their excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, as well as optical and electrical stability for a wide range of different applications.

Transparent PC is characterized by its excellent optical clarity. Thanks to its superior flowability and thermal stability, the INFINO® PC remains completely transparent without becoming discolored! The unique manufacturing technology of LOTTE Advanced Materials for the purpose of removing low-molecular oligomers makes it possible to minimize the accumulation of mould during the injection process.

The primary characteristics are the high flowability and transmission, as well as the UV resistance. The material is also used for applications for automotive/lighting, reflectors, CDs/DVDs/BluRays®, as well as in furniture.

INFINO® PC and PC Alloy need to meet various requirements, such as high impact resistance, flame retardation and high flowability. These product ranges demonstrate excellent performance in each category and are often used in the area of renewable energies and in the automobile industry.


High Impact PC and PC Alloy that not only display good mechanical stability, but also excellent chemical resistance as well, are often used in small electrical and electronic devices, such as digital cameras and mobile telephones.


High Impact Flame Retardant PC and PC / ABS are suitable for use in laptops and smart meters, for example, thanks to their balanced mechanical characteristics and processability.

High Flow PC alloy, which is generally used for interior parts of vehicles, displays excellent processability together with other well balanced characteristics, such as easiness to paint and a high impact resistance.


INFINO® Metal Plating PC alloy is characterized by its excellent adhesive strength and appearance. This PC is used for external vehicle parts and is used by global OEMs.

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Our product portfolio of Polycarbonate

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