PAMXD6 & PA66 + PA6I/6T

The subject of metal replacement already engages the plastics industry for many years; this is because the use of plastic instead of metal implies economic and ecological benefits. Plastics offer weight reduction, freedom of design, sustainability, and finally high stiffness and strength values.

The TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP has a comprehensive product portfolio around the topic of metal replacement. The product lines TEREZ® GT2/GT2X and GT3/GT3X from TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS have been specially developed for the highest requirements of the automotive industry, mechanical and sanitary engineering.

Unmatched in Stiffness, Strength and Flowability: TEREZ® GT 3 – Glass Fiber Content up to 60%

The TEREZ® GT3 line complements high glass fiber reinforced PA6 and PA66 types and is based on PA66 + PA6I/6T with partially aromatic parts. Because of the potential glass fiber content of up to 60%, very high stiff ness and strength are achieved that keep their outstanding level of strength even after absorbing humidity. Dimensional stability also is increased compared to conventional polyamides.

High Temperature

The reasons for choosing our products are as varied as their applications:

  • High stiffness and strength even in the conditioned state
  • Good surface quality
  • Dimensional stability
  • Thermal expansion comparable to aluminum
  • Very good processability
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Outstanding property profile for structural components with high surface requirements
For years, plastics have been dedicated to the fields of lightweight construction, sustainability, efficient manufacturing processes and miniaturization. Lower weights and higher functional densities lead to greater functionality for the user. The necessary precision imposes extraordinary requirements on the plastic that is to be used. Demanding requirements in terms of dimensional stability and fluidity must be met. At the same time, high-modulus materials offer an outstanding range of properties and guarantee innovative solutions. 

PA MXD6 & PA66 + PA6I/6T

But is a single plastic able to address both, aesthetic and functional design requirements? Whether it is clothing, household, automotive engineering or even industrial applications – they all have one in common: they must correspond to current trends in design.

Plastics must be able to form finely structured surfaces just as well as high-gloss surfaces. For many plastics, all these requirements are in direct contradiction to one another. Structural components require high degrees of reinforcement that can adversely affect surface qualities. The new TEREZ® GT2 product line offers an excellent basis for meeting these requirements. TEREZ® GT2 is a partially aromatic polyamide that offers an outstanding set of properties for structural components with high surface requirements.

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Our product portfolio of PA MXD6 & PA66 + PA6I / 6T

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