Founded in 1977 in Herne, TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP was celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2017. Entrepreneurial

vision, customer focus and innovative power have always been part of the fundamental corporate values. In 40 years of intensive research, new materials with exceptional properties have been developed. TER Plastics has developed into a leading plastic distributor with a high reputation through our decades-long partnership with leading plastics manufacturers such as DSM, Evonik, Polyplastics, Total and Versalis.

Today, we enjoy a high reputation as a development partner throughout the entire European market and have grown strongly above market average in the last few years. TER Plastics is successfully entering the next decade: respected across Europe by customers and suppliers alike, with outstanding key financials, motivated and well-educated employees, and a pan-European distribution structure to provide customers with the best local service in the region.

TER Plastics is part of the TER Group, a group of companies actively engaged worldwide and headquartered in Hamburg.

TER Group

TER Group

The TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP is part of TER Group, a globally operating corporate group, which is headquartered in Hamburg.



We are organized in a pan-European sales structure in order to be able to offer our customers the best regional service when and where they need us.

Daten & Fakten

Dates and Facts

As an internationally operating corporate group, we are one of the leading distributors of plastic and compounds in Europe.

Historie – 40 Jahre

History – 40 years

Entrepreneurial foresight, a strong focus on the customer and innovativeness have been integral elements of our corporate philosophy for years.



Our employees are the beating heart of your company. And that is why we are regularly looking for qualified and motivated colleagues.



TER Plastics primarily professes to a business policy that is characterized by unchangeable ethical values.


Quality Management

Thanks to a comprehensive quality management system, TER Plastics has been successfully certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.



We understand the challenge posed by digitalization as a chance and are therefore highly efficient in the way we operate our business processes.

Polymer-Forum 2018

Polymer Forum 2018

This year’s Polymer Forum, organized by TER Plastics, was a major success once again. Here you will find all pictures and videos from the event.

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