Long fiber-reinforced technical plastics demonstrate far better mechanical properties compared with conventionally produced short-fiber products. These include optimized dynamic load-bearing capacity, higher ductility, improved creep strength, as well as a reduced warpage.

The Portfolio from Envalior and TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS offers many innovative materials. The production of these compounds is the result of highest levels of expertise when it comes to textile technology in conjunction with compounding technology. The length of the granulate is set between 6 and 14 mm. The long fiber technology is based on the tried and tested high performance materials TEREZ GT2, TEREZ GT3, TEREZ HT as well as PA6, PA66 and PPS.


The TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP offers innovative LFT materials

Good products require optimum production processes. In the area of LFT technologies, TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP in collaboration with its production subsidiary TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS has ploughed a completely new furrow and developed the technology further. LFT technologies combine conventional compounding expertise with modern textile technology.

Decisive for the good properties of the LFT compound is the correct exposing of the monofilament. At TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS this is done using a new spreading technology, which ensures that more of the exposed monofilaments are made available individually for impregnation - and that more evenly than in processes used up to now.

The wetting head was completely reconstructed and within the framework of an R&D cooperation with Chemnitz Institute of Technology (TU Chemnitz), Institute for Light Structural Engineering and Plastic Processing, was secured thanks to the experience of those working there.

Thanks to the successful cooperation between science and business, the most modern insights in fluid mechanics could be drawn upon during the development. This technology also allowed the LFT costs to be reduced so that these high-performance products would pay off as quickly as possible.

The TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP also has the widest product range of partially-aromatic and high-temperature polyamides, which means that unique possibilities for metal-replacement products exist when in connection with leading LFT technology.

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