PS crystal is known for its high surface quality and the good transparency. PS HI is modified with rubber and has a high impact resistance as a result, even at low temperatures and an increased stress crack resistance. Also available as a flame retardant compound in our program.

PS is used for the manufacture of switches, coil bodies and housings for electric appliances. Many consumer goods and packages are produced from PS, such as clothes hangers, clothes pegs and CD cases. Other typical applications are toys, office articles and disposable items. Polystyrene is also licensed for use in food packaging without any restrictions. Yogurt pots or blister packaging are made from it for example.

Polystyrene for food packaging

The unrestricted approval of polystyrene for use in food packaging has resulted in this polymer becoming attractive for use in clear packaging in the food industry. 

A large-scale gastronomy without disposable tableware and accessories such as drinking cups, plates, cutlery and drinking straws is something that can no longer be imagined.


Proven in the research

Polystyrene is a plastic that can be used for a wide variety of applications thanks to how easy it is to process. Disposable polystyrene articles have established themselves in science, as well as in many other business and household areas.

In many laboratories, the petri dishes and containers for infectious or toxic materials are often made of polystyrene as this is a sensible alternative to glass because it can be disposed of risk free by means of incineration.


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