The granulate form is not ideal or even unsuitable for a range of thermoplastic applications and processing forms. These include, among others, the rotational moulding, sintering, paint and additive master batches.

We also offer all products in our product range as powder – particular with regards to the masterbatch-producing industry, in which the TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP has been established in for years as a leading supplier.

The standard grain sizes of our wide product range are 300, 500, 800 and 1,200 µm grain fineness.


The use of powder instead of granulate offers numerous advantages

In the production of masterbatches, products such as pigments, additives, fillers and similar are worked into the thermoplastic as powders in high concentrations. The use of a mixture of powdered and granular thermoplastic carrier materials offers great technical advantages in comparison to the exclusive use of granulates: improved adhesion, optimum distribution, improved output. The result are innovative paints with a glitter or mother-of-pearl effect, translucent or luminescent.

The use of powder is also a prerequisite for rotational moulding and sintering process

In the case of sintering processes and in the rotational moulding processes, the use of polymers in powder form are indispensable for technical production reasons. The processing employee can only achieve the density packing of the polymer that is required for a uniform melting when powder-form products are used. Here, on the other hand, the grain fineness of the ground granulate plays an important role depending on the particular part and processing procedure.

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