PP Compounds

PP Compounds

Polypropylene, combined with mineral reinforcing materials such as talcum and glass fibres, enables an improvement in the material characteristics. A reinforcement extends the spectrum of mechanical characteristics, e.g. rigidity, bending strength and service temperature.

These products are primarily used in interiors and exteriors in the automotive industry, in the construction industry, in electrical engineering and for technical components and the household sector.

We offer tailor-made compounds, according to the requirements of our customers.


High stability required

As a development partner, we have designed this product for the manufacture of side pieces for slatted frames in cooperation with a customer. Due to cost optimizations, a PA6 GF 30 was replaced by a glass fibre reinforced polypropylene. Thick walled components are produced which require high mechanical rigidity and can withstand a high loadbearing capacity. We offer this product in two different shades of grey.

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