Optimal solutions for your tribology requirement!
The durability of tribologically stressed molded plastic parts is determined by friction behavior and wear resistance, among others. Our tribologically modified products are the optimal solutions here for significantly reducing noise development and greatly prolonging the durability of components. We can offer you the ideal product for your challenge - even if there are special conditions in terms of sliding speed, normal force, temperature and other environmental influences.

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PTFE-modified TEREZ compounds offer unique chemical coupling for highest tribology requirements
PTFE-modified products offer an excellent properties profile for these requirements. The sliding motion creates tiny wear particles which absorb to the sliding partners and lead to a self-lubricating effect. TEREZ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS has a unique, patented process for the chemical coupling of Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) to Polyamide 6, Polyamide 66. These chemically coupled TEREZ PTFE compounds open up a broad bandwidth of innovative applications that are centered around tribological properties - which practically are wear-resistant. Because of the chemical coupling, abrasion or a shredding of the PTFE molecules that usually occurs with PTFE-optimized product solutions cannot occur. The surface remains permanently slide-friction-optimized. An additional optimization of the mechanical parameters of such PA/PTFE compounds results in combination with nano fillers.

TEREZ PTFE compounds: a new class of tribology materials
The TEREZ PA/PTFE compounds stand for a new class of tribology materials. While friction factors are not significantly different from other commercial PA/PTFE products, the TEREZ materials exhibit a significantly higher wear resistance that leads to a substantial increase of the manufactured components’ durability. The chemically coupled TEREZ-PTFE compounds are therefore the ideal solution for slide bearings, moving and transportation systems, gears or ball bearing cages. The compounds are available with between 7.5 and 50 percent of a chemically coupled PTFE.

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Our product portfolio for medium slide speeds and low to high surface pressures
Our product offering includes numerous additional tribology products, such as Duracon (POM) of Polyplastics. In addition to PTFE modifications, the products are also available with MOS2 mineral fillers. UHMWPE modifications are also available. The stick slip decline can be avoided using silicone additives.

Tribology applications in the high-temperature range
The tribologically modified products of Envalior based on PA 4.6 under the brand name Stanyl exhibit an excellent property profile at high usage temperatures and high surface pressures. Due to the high crystallinity and high melting point of the carrier material PA 4.6, property profiles are achieved that cannot be reached using a PA 66. Additional high-temperature polymers within the TER Plastics portfolio are TEREZ PA 4.6 and PPA with the already described technology of the chemically coupled PTFE.

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Our product portfolio for tribology

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