Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) shock-resistant

With our partners Envalior and Polyplastics, we are able to offer you an extraordinarily wide range of friction-optimized PPS high-performance polymers. PPS is a working material that has excellent stability and stiffness. A special modification is required in order to achieve a high level of temperature change resistance.

The good temperature change stability is of particular interest for hybrid components when it comes to avoiding crack formation.

High-performance DURAFIDE PPS

As a consequence of the new automobile generation (e-motor, hybrid, fuel cells), a strong increase in the number metal-plastic components under the bonnet and in the drive train can be expected in the next few years. These components require a plastic with a thermal expansion coefficient that is very close to metal, a high temperature and chemical resistance, as well as a temperature change stability that is as high as possible. Thanks to our innovative DURAFIDE PPS from Polyplastics with completely new modifications, new basis polymers and an optimised manufacturing process, we can solve these problems:

  • Shock-resistant modified PPS e.g. DURAFIDE 1130T72 or DURAFIDE 6150T72 with higher temperature change stability and reduced degassing!

Our product portfolio of PPS

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