Polyethylene: the all-rounder

PE is by far the most frequently used (standard) plastic material worldwide.
All polyethylene types are characterized by their high chemical resistance, good electrical insulation capacity and their good sliding properties.

Our long-standing partners, such as Versalis, TotalEnergies, Chevron Phillips, offer a great product variety with comprehensive material properties.
For each application, we can offer the most suitable type from our wide portfolio.


Versalis offers a wide assortment for sophisticated film applications. The materials are characterized by their high elasticity, cling effect and their excellent mechanical properties such as a high puncture resistance and elongation at break.

Furthermore, Versalis products also offer excellent optical properties.


Caps, closures, lids
Polyethylene ensures high productivity and low cost of the finished product.


  • Processability: Wide range in setting machine parameters
  • Flexibility: Complicated geometries can be obtained thanks to the “undercut” presence
  • Quality: Quality and dimensional reproducibility are the key points when producing millions of items per time
  • Food contact: Polyethylene is absolutely food contact compliant

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Our product portfolio of Polyethylene

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