Heinz-Günter Sauerhoff celebrates his 30th anniversary at the TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP

14. Jul 2015

On 3rd July 2015 Heinz-Günter Sauerhoff celebrated his 30th anniversary at the present TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP. During his speech in a small ceremony, COO Dr. Wolf Köhler emphasized in particular the great merits of his colleague Heinz-Günter Sauerhoff (CFO) of the company group.

Nach der Rede von COO Dr. Wolf Köhler beglückwünschten die Kolleginnen und Kollegen den Jubilar Heinz-Günther Sauerhoff.

After the speech of COO Dr. Wolf Köhler colleagues congratulated the honoree Heinz-Günther Sauerhoff.

Sauerhoff ist bekennender Kunst-Liebhaber.

Sauerhoff is an avowed art lover.

During his speech in a small ceremony, COO Dr. Wolf Köhler emphasized in particular the great merits of his colleague Heinz-Günter Sauerhoff (CFO) of the company group. Above all, he stressed Mr. Sauerhoff’s loyalty to the company, because "... this consistency leads to really knowing one's business, to understanding processes and to appreciating and supporting the people, thus being able to actually accompany long-term changes! This indeed leads to taking responsibility for your own decisions", says Dr. Wolf Köhler.

In 1985, Heinz-Günther Sauerhoff started his career at the current TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP as Financial Controller. 18 months later he was appointed Head of Accounting and Controlling with power to negotiate. Nearly two years later, he received power of attorney. Since 2003 Mr. Sauerhoff is a member of the Management Board and is responsible for finance, logistics, human resources and IT. Moreover, the committed executive also holds the position of Managing Director of our subsidiaries THPL Ost and THPL IT.

Besides being a member of the management board at TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP, Mr. Sauerhoff for many years has been also active at association level. He is, for example, acting treasurer of the TecPart GKV, Frankfurt/M. In addition, he engages in the needs of the region as chairman of the board of the “Stadtmarketinggesellschaft” (city marketing company) of Herne.

The entire TER Plastics team is pleased to have such a professionally and interpersonally competent superior and colleague in Heinz-Günter Sauerhoff.


TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP is active in the markets with sales of engineering plastics, commodities and its own TEREZ compounds. TER Plastics includes the compound subsidiary TEREZ Performance Polymers as well as TER Plastics Polska, TER Hell Plastics Spain, TER Hell Plastic-PE Distribution, TER Hell-IT and TER Engineering Plastic Trading, in Suzhou, China, and numerous established sales offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Founded in 1977, the company, which is part of the Hamburg based TER Group, has pursued an international strategy in the recent past.

TER Plastics has been engaged in long term intensive relationships with its international production and distribution partners, including important producers such Chang Chun Plastics, Chevron Phillips, Clariant, DSM, Evonik, Franplast, Grupa Azoty, Hexion, Lotte, Mitsubishi, Polimarky, Polycasa, Polyplastics, Polytherm, Sabic, Sibur, Sidpec, Solvay, Sumitomo, Teknor Apex, Total, Toray and Versalis.

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