TEREZ Galvano: Chrome surfaces with high strength

16. Jul 2015

New possibilities in polyamid electroplating: The new product range TEREZ Galvano PA extends the scope of higher design freedom and excellent surfaces at high strength.


Galvanized molded parts are used in a variety of forms. Application examples are automotive trims, handles, letterings in the automotive, furniture, sanitary and household industries. The plastic used stands for the later properties of the components. 

A good adhesion of the metallized surface is the basic precondition for suitability in the subsequent application. As a rule, there are very high demands on the appearance of parts. But also haptics are crucial. Unlike the procedure of vacuum evaporation, electroplated plastics are characterized by a "Cool-Touch" effect.

Visible parts subjected to bending or tension unreinforced materials quickly reach their limits. The new product line TEREZ Galvano PA represents reinforced polyamide 6 types which have been specifically tailored to the requirements of the electroplating process. 

Compared to conventional products, the TEREZ Galvano line is characterized by an improved flow property, high mechanical strength and good surface qualities. The products provide the ideal basis for excellent adhesion to metallized layer. The product line is suitable for high-gloss, as well matt chromed surfaces. 


TER Plastics POLYMER GROUP is active in the markets with sales of engineering plastics, commodities and its own TEREZ compounds. TER Plastics includes the compound subsidiary TEREZ Performance Polymers as well as TER Plastics Polska, TER Hell Plastics Spain, TER Hell Plastic-PE Distribution, TER Hell-IT and TER Engineering Plastic Trading, in Suzhou, China, and numerous established sales offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Founded in 1977, the company, which is part of the Hamburg based TER Group, has pursued an international strategy in the recent past.

TER Plastics has been engaged in long term intensive relationships with its international production and distribution partners, including important producers such Chang Chun Plastics, Chevron Phillips, Clariant, DSM, Evonik, Franplast, Grupa Azoty, Hexion, Lotte, Mitsubishi, Polimarky, Polycasa, Polyplastics, Polytherm, Sabic, Sibur, Sidpec, Solvay, Sumitomo, Teknor Apex, Total, Toray and Versalis.

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